Forged Iron Traversing 1" diameter Professional Drapery Rod Set Design Nashville

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New! Classic smooth iron drapery rod with traversing ability with lengths from 40" - 152"! Professional quality means well fitting components that stay true and plumb, enabling precise drapery lengths and specifications to be used. Slides glide within the rod carrying your drapery across the window. Choose center opening or one way draw. The drapery rides under the iron rod as shown. The carriers have multiple holes to allow for easy height adjustment. Rod diameter is 1". Finial sizes vary from 1 3/4" - 6 5/8". See chart image.

* Rods over 72" include center support brackets.

* Rods over 94" will be in two pieces and will include a metal splice.

Set includes your choice of finishes, decorative finials or end caps, batons, and split draw or 1 way draw.

Finishes available: Brown Black, Black, bronze, and pewter.

This listing is for a single rod and components. Double traversing rods are also available.

Lead time to shipping is usually 12 working days, however lead time can vary during order surges.