Imperial Garden Pillow Cover

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Imperial Garden Pillow Cover features a fine, designer exclusive fabric depicting palaces, tropical trees, birds, and peacocks. The pattern is 48" high, so not all the pattern can be on one pillow. Each pillow is cut differently on the fabric, but care is given to how the design will fall on the pillow. The pillow cover shown is 22" stuffed with our premium feather down 22" insert. The back fabric is a thicker two toned blue poly/ cotton blend.
The flexible commercial zipper is mildew resistant and rust proof, hidden in the bottom seam.
Corners are reinforced. Inside seam allowances are finished with overlocking stitches and tapered to the corners to reduce bulk.
I recommend feather down inserts 2" larger than the pillow cover, especially to fill out the corners and achieve the "karate chopped" look shown.